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Nest Tamer clips from Gammalite Systems

Nest Tamers

Is your modular synth a mess? Get your patch cables under control with Nest Tamers!

Nest Tamers are a new accessory for Eurorack modular synths that help to neatly arrange the patch cables in your case.

They are the first product from Gammalite Systems based in Sydney, Australia.

By positioning Nest Tamer clips under the mounting screws of your modules, you create spots to 'slot' your cables on their routes between sockets.

By doing so, patch cables tend to cluster along the edges of your modules, so the bits you actually need to see and touch in the central parts of each module, the knobs, switches, LEDs and displays, are kept free of the usual tangled mess of cables.

This neater routing vastly improves the ergonomics and usability of your modular system. Great for performing live, as well as day-to-day sonic exploration.

The clips double as washers, protecting your modules' front panels from 'rack rash' which can decrease resale value.

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Found Sound

Moog Audio

New Zealand

More outlets coming soon - if you wish to buy or stock Nest Tamers please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I dock any cables in Next Tamers?

Yes! But, we find that cables of the thinner, more flexible style are the most successful to use with Nest Tamers. The ones from our friends at Tendrils and Synth Cable Supply Co. work really well, for example.

FAQ: Do I have to route all my cables through Nest Tamers?

Not at all! You may prefer, for example, to neaten up just your more permanent clock and trigger plumbing, and leave the rest of your patch freeform - or go ham on making the neatest rig you have ever used - it is completely up to you...

FAQ: Can I use Knurlies or other 'thumb screw' type module mountings with my Nest Tamers?

While many of these types of products do fit in the Nest Tamer clips, a screw driver is still needed to fix them to the rails, removing the main attraction of such mountings, which is not needing a screwdriver.

Also for some rail types, and/or module panel thicknesses, the threaded part of the thumbscrew may not be long enough to mate fully with your sliding nut or threaded strip.

FAQ: What kind of screws can I use with Nest Tamers?

The bottom of Nest Tamers are a bit thicker than your average washer, but the hole in them will happily accommodate m3 or m2.5 screws.

Depending on your rail type (and in some cases the thickness of the front panel of your modules) you may need to source screws up to 2mm longer than you are currently using.

FAQ: Have other questions about Nest Tamers?

Then please get in touch and we will let you know our answer, and may even include it here, for everyone to read.

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